I  custom design canvas floorcloths/carpets/mats/tablecloths and blinds for indoor  and covered outdoor environments.

It all started in 2000 when I was living in a 100 year old wooden tree house coffee shack in Hawaii. The floors were old and weathered resulting in stubbed toes and splinters galore, and I decided to paint a canvas carpet, to  introduce some colour and save my feet. These pics are 2 of the original mats I made.

This turned out to be the answer, but as friends visited they also had to have one, and a little business was born.

Word spread and soon I was mailing floorcloths all over the globe.

This has been a wonderful way to support myself over the years, no matter where I have lived; like a magic carpet.

I am now residing in St Helena Bay, on the West Coast of South Africa, and the joy of creating functional art has never stopped.

Choosing a design and  matching it to your decor, provides a very personal space statement.

The floorcloths and tablecloths are easy to clean; just wipe with a damp cloth, water resistant and portable, take it with when you move.

Contact me to discuss what designs/colours you would like.

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